Hello SUMMER my Old Friend…

Summer officially begins June 21, but for me it has already begun.  I am a teacher, so part of my job is to have a summer break.  Like I tell my students, we teachers, are more excited about summer break than students.  They, like the rest of non-educators, do not realize all that goes into the 9 months of the school year.

Side note: I wonder if the school year is 9 months to parallel the stages of pregnancy. In the first few months, teachers are excited about the new school year, like a mother after discovering she is with child.  Closer to the end of the pregnancy mothers become tired of being pregnant and begin to look forward to school being over, I mean having the baby.

For many educators, the school year may last longer than 9 months, because there are often Professional Developments (P.D.) that we are often encouraged to attend, and no they do not come with any extra pay.  Overtime??? Fuh-get-a-bout-it; unless you decide to teach summer school. ☹️…😭

Many teachers love their jobs and quietly deal with ALL that comes with the responsibility of dealing with a stranger’s child.  Some are here for the check (survival needs you know), and a few are still in search of why they stumbled into this career in the first place.  They are still searching for that “thing” that made them proudly want to proclaim, “Yes!  I want to be an educator!,” but that is another post, for another day….

So as I said, MY SUMMER HAS FINALLY BEGUN!!!!!  My plans you ask??? Uhhhh, to do absolutely nothing! Can’t you see my big Grinch smile slyly sliding across my face?  Usually my huz-band and I travel, by Cruise, Plane, Train, or Automobile during our summer break, but I am over traveling this year.  I would prefer to enjoy my home.  Last summer we had just moved into our new home in a new area.  Within a month we had visited family in Mississippi, Florida, and the Washington/D.C.-Baltimore area.  Now, I know that many of you thought, “Florida??? That’s a vacation right there.”  Normally that may be the case, but this time, it wasn’t. There was just too much happening down there for it to be a relaxing vacay.

Soon after our return home, we had to prepare for school.  School began with a lunar eclipse and Hurricane Harvey in the same week.  Harvey’s visit instantly led to me, my husband, and my 2 puppy boys sharing our brand-new home with my mother-in-law and lil’ sissy-in-law.  We were all together from September until about mid-January while the damages brought on to their home from the hurricane’s flooding had been repaired.  It was a very close time…for ALL of us.😇

So this summer, I would like to enjoy my home and get to know this new area I live in.  I can’t wait to have the time to read, write, sleep, workout, blog, and to Netflix.  I look forward to spending time with my huz-band and pups.  Most importantly, this summer I am excited to do whatever I want! (Grinch smile back in progress)


Thank you for reading my post!  I hope you enjoyed it.  Please feel free to Like, Comment, Share, and even Subscribe to be notified of new posts!


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