Soul Food Sundays 09: Get Out!

November 26, 2017

Life has many things that can make one go from a high, to a quick low.  One cause may be returning to work after an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.  Praying and positive thinking does help, but it can still be trying when you just don’t look forward to your job that you are obligated to return to.  You soon begin to feel trapped and looking for a way out.

Many people are not happy with their job or career choice, but they stay with it because it helps to pay the bills.  Older generations do not understand why Millennials or Pre-Millennials (Generation Y) have a hard time with this concept of working at a place that brings misery, but still pays the bills. Having to go day after day to a place that brings no happiness or enthusiasm to your life is simply torturous; especially if this lifestyle has become a continuous cycle.  Younger generations want to look forward to their daily jobs or whatever career choice they went to college for.  *Sometimes people don’t know what they want to really do with their life until life after college/university.*  Start now at working on being able to Get OUT!

Begin to look to your talents to help you reach the escape you are seeking.  What God given gifts or talents do you have that bring you joy? These gifts could eventually help you to pay those same bills and allow work to no longer be a tormenting chore.   Your job becomes enjoyment that you are now making money from.  Continuing to do something that brings you grief is not a healthy way to live one’s life.  You’ve got to find out what makes you happy.  If it doesn’t bring you or anyone else harm, do what you love to do.  That’s the gift that God has given you.

Get OUT & Do What YOU Love

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