Cha, Cha, Changes! This Blog, will no longer be called Dear Diary. It will now be called…Kat’s Eye View!


In September, I announced that I would be changing my blog’s name.  Well 2 months later, it has now happened.  My blog will no longer be called Dear Diary… (, but will be called Kat’s Eye View (  

I plan to do more story telling, vignettes, and give more  of my opinions on things I notice in this wonderfully chaotic, beautifully terrible, disappointingly mesmerizing world we live in.  

I plan to post once a week on Tuesdays, so be on the lookout for new articles beginning next Tuesday.

Please know that I am very grateful to you, for taking the time to read my writings and/or for subscribing to my blog. I will leave some of my posts from Dear Diary…, so please feel free to read them and any of my future post brought to you from Kat’s Eye View.

Thank you,




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