Valentine’s Week Series Day 7: My First Love

Ever since I can remember, you have always been there. Trying to help me navigate through this thing called life. … More

Love is You!

Love is You! It’s Our Anniversary
We didn’t date in college. An innocent friendship and appreciation for each other blossomed during that time. God allowed a time of chaos to bring about his plan for us to eventually date and marry.

Is it Bronchitis or Heartburn?

However, I knew that it was time for me to be the supportive and understanding wife. Not the wife that is looking at the time. I needed to ignore the fact that it was after my bedtime, although I was beginning to feel the heaviness of good sleep weighing down upon my eyelids.

Moving for Love

Moving to an new city, can be a daunting experience.  The presence of Alone, is all around You.  Trying to learn this new place…trying to learn a new culture is, scary.  Even if you have moved because of Love.