Soul Food Sundays 10: December is FINALLY Here

December 3, 2017

Christmas Time is finally here!  Where did the time go?  No, never mind…let’s not turn back the hands of time.  Let’s continue to move forward—>

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle between my huz-band and I while we were out shopping for more Christmas Décor.  He, for some reason, decided that it would be okay to tell me no.  How dare he!  Everyone that truly knows me, is aware of the fact that I detest the word “No”!  I didn’t want much in decorations, I just wanted to create a Winter Wonderland mixed with Santa’s Workshop mixed with Classic Christmas infused with Greenery and Holly Berries?  I haven’t found any “Away in a manger, no crib for a bed” decorations that I like or look authentic enough to represent Christ and his mommy, so I don’t have that yet (wink wink).

What I’m saying is, I WANT IT ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!  I understand why he felt he had to tell me no.  I mean there is a possibility that I can have the tendency to maybe possibly go a little overboard with shopping, but it is for a good cause…Christmas!  But then again, I really don’t want to go hungry because of the hypnotic powers of the glittery, sparkly, holiday cheer of red and green, even for Christmas.  He has to bring me back to reality every now and then to remind me of what this holiday is truly about.

Trees & Snow 2017

This entire season needs to be brought back to reality…we often forget that the true purpose is to remember that our Lord and the Savior of this world came to earth to become Flesh, so that he could teach us His ways, and die on a cross so that we could be set free from hell, including the hell we can experience on earth.  Remember that the Elf on the Shelf, Santa Claus, Frosty, and Hallmark are not the reason for the season…Jesus is.  In all that you do during this time with family and friends don’t forget to take some time to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas, Jesus Christ our Lord.





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