Booger Eater

My eyes widened as he began to use his right pointer finger to dig in his left nostril for potential treasure. Big eyed, I frowned, shook my head, and silently cried out “No”!!!!

Today (May 15) is the final day of my students taking their 6th grade State Test. Woooo Whoooo!! I can just smell the intoxicating aroma of summer’s freedom blowing sweetly in the air.  I can hear the gentle tip toeing of summer coming closer and closer; but I digress.

This is THE State Test that is given, so ALL Educators are encouraged to actively monitor.  This means that all of our time is spent walking around the room in order to pay attention to whatever students are doing.  You should be able to see if students are sleeping, working, bubbling in their answers, talking, or just staring and doing nothing.  You are supposed to be aware of what these students are doing at all times, and be aware of when they need you.

Since I am actively monitoring, I see everything!  As I was walking around the room making sure these diligent 6th graders were working, I looked across the room and noticed one particular student. He was wiggling his nose and sniffling, so I was waiting for him to give me the signal of needing tissue.  Unfortunately, this child wasn’t interested in tissue.

My eyes widened as he began to use his right pointer finger to dig in his left nostril for potential treasure.   Behold!  He discovered a 14 Karat nugget of Gross.  In shock, I continued to watch as this boy placed his “bejeweled” finger inside of his lips and continued on as if he had done nothing out of the ordinary.  May I remind you that this is a 12 year old child of 6th grade; not a 5 year old in his Kindergarten class. 

Big eyed, I frowned, shook my head, and silently cried out “No” all while the child’s finger was moving to nose and then to mouth.  No one heard me… no one saw me… and no one would know my disgust for what I had just witnessed.   No one would know why my silent tears were falling.  I was the one that had to collect this child’s testing materials.  His test booklet, answer document, pencils, highlighters, and anything else .  I would have to touch these things after he completed his test.  Germ-X don’t fail me now!  Looking at the bright side of this situation, at least he didn’t place the booger underneath his desk.  



A Divine Perspective 13: Year of Me: It’s Not Too Late

A Divine Perspective- Sunday, May 19, 2019

It’s been about 2 months, since the last Year of Me posts were made.  Many found the series encouraging.  I’m glad that I was able help and I pray you are in a better place than you were.  So???  Tell me…how’s it going?  Have you started reaching for those goals?  How many times have you started over?

Just know that its okay!  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  You’re only human.  You still have a new opportunity to begin again.  You’ve just got to get up and do it.  Doing nothing is the problem.  Saying you’ll begin tomorrow, and then repeating that same sentiment the next day is the issue.  Act on that thing!  Many shouldas, couldas, and wouldas may have happened if there was continuous goal reaching action behind it.  You know what you want.  You know where you see yourself.  You know that you need to start.  That first step could change every direction of your life.  Don’t just think about it, be about it!

When you find yourself getting back in the slump of “I’ll do it tomorrow”, snap out of it!  Put that Vision Board on your wall and your Words of Encouragement on your bathroom mirror and start again.  They need to be in a place where you can see them EVERYDAY.  Go back and remind yourself of what you proclaimed for yourself back in March or even for the New Year.  Put some continuous goal reaching action behind those proclamations and get goin on your dreams!  It’s not too late!  Stop stopping yourself from doing what needs to be done.

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