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A Type of Different Pt. 1 “acting like a white girl”

So yeah, I was different because I had been exposed and not exposed to many different things.  The lives of my classmates were different from mine, so we were all different from each other.  But why were my differences being called out?


Hello SUMMER my Old Friend…

I wonder if the school year is 9 months to parallel the stages of pregnancy. In the first few months, teachers are excited about the new school year, like a mother after discovering she is with child.  Closer to the end of the pregnancy mothers become tired of being pregnant and begin to look forward to school being over, I mean having the baby.

Gone, but not forgotten on Christmas

The song ‘s declaration is indeed true because Christmas isn’t the same without your family around to share it with you.  I can no longer run to them and see their happy faces during the holiday season.  I can always think back to our last Christmas together, but it’s nothing like actually touching their warm skin and hearing their gentle voice as we talk over dinner and tell jokes.