A Game of Thrones…Yes, YEs, YES!!!!

In 2015, I finally bit the bug and decided to binge watch a marathon of all the seasons before season 5, I think, was to start.  I had heard all the rage about the show, but had no clue what it was about.  The first time I saw a preview, I was hooked! I knew this series would be one of my favorite to watch.  The Dragons is what done it!  Oh, and so did Khal Drogo (Thank you Lord); and the feminine power of Daenerys Targaryen-First of Her Name- Mother of Dragons-Khaleesi-Queen of the Andals- etc.etc.; Cersei’s Lannister’s Craziness, and her younger brother, Tyrion Lannister (the clever).

Being a J.R.R. Tolkien admirer, I quickly noticed how similar the show was to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy being that they are both of the Fantasy genre and include Knights and Dragons.  However, I was hesitant to read the books.  Watching the show and seeing how “racy” it is, I wasn’t comfortable reading a novel that would be equally graphic in their depictions of sex and the naked human body.  I decided I could be a big girl and read through it.  I had come to the realization that many of “those” scenes were apart of character development.  Those scenes helped add to the personality of the character and showed where their priorities were.

Due to my having some discomfort to scenes of this nature because I am who I am, this analyzing helped me to understand the reasoning behind the nudes and sex scenes.  I had also begun to notice that in the later seasons, there was a decrease in the amount of nudity and sex scenes.  The characters had begun to show maturity and  realize there were more important things at stake, because “Winter was Coming” and a lot sooner than the South (King’s Landing) would like.

The Game of Thrones television series of Season 1 is very accurate to the novel, of the same name.  Thoroughly impressed and pleased I was, considering how disappointed I was in Peter Jackson’s version of Tolkien’s, The Hobbit.  I understand creative license, but WOW (So many changes)!!  Anyway, this first novel does not disappoint.  I do understand some creative differences between the novel and the show, because I love Tyrion and do not want to see him look as he is described in the book.  It would also be most inappropriate for the show to have the characters be as young as they are in the novel.  Inappropriate indeed, I dare say!

If you are a fan of the show, but have not read the novels, what are you waiting for?  If you are a fan of the Fantasy genre and have yet to descended into the world of Ice and Fire where summers and winters can last for years, and red comets mark the birth of dragons, and giants fight along side men and “crows”,  what are you waiting for?  You will definitely appreciate what producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have done with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice Series.  They have truly brought these books to life!

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Sometimes, Distance is Necessary for Survival of Sanity.

Far apart we must be for survival.

It’s more than just the two

of us.

You are few, when I am endless possibilities.

This Distance will bring    comfort…for one or two, but not all.

How close should you be allowed to come?

As close as I allow…                 Farther apart is ideal,

but what does it matter when there is

already Distance? Far apart is where we need to be, I

shall keep the Distance

not for you, but for me.

Others may be hurt by this,                 but it is  best for me.           I must think

of myself.         Protection.

If no one else will do it, I must.

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