College: Was it Worth It?

College….  I graduated from a wonderful University, in the geographical area of The U.S. called the Plains.  There I earned a degree in education, (little e on that); but I truly earned my degree in Education, Big E, when I actually became a teacher.  Nothing prepared me for teaching, except for being in the classroom.

While at University, I met a guy.  We didn’t date in college, we were just close acquaintances.  We developed more of a friendship after he graduated.  A few years later, after I graduated, we lost contact.  Thanks to Hotmail, my uncharacteristic curiosity of wondering how he was doing, and actually following through with that curiosity to make contact, we soon became the best of friends.

Through email and daily speaking on the phone whenever we had free time, we developed a strong friendship.  During this time, we NEVER expected anything more.  I remember telling him and another male friend, that when it was time for me to get married, they would be my male bridesmaids.  What would that be… groomsmaids? Is that an oxymoron?

Long story short, I met my huz-band in college, and he was the best thing I received from that place.

He cost me ALL OF THAT MONEY, but if it weren’t for college we would have never met.  So for me, college was worth it…expensive, but worth it.

*Sidenote: Please DO NOT go to college in hopes of meeting your spouse.  Use this time to get to know yourself and other people.  Nothing too serious.  Stay focused on why you are there and have SAFE fun!*

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