Discipline: Having the ability to do what is necessary no matter how you feel.

That’s my definition of the word.

It is also something that I am lacking. Too many times I allow my feelings of being tired and exhausted after a long, tumultuous day at work cause me to not do the things that need to be done.  I know I need to hit that track and not just watch everyone else do it. I come home, and immediately I reach for my phone to watch my favorite YouTube Channels, or read my favorite celebrity gossip sites, or watch Netflix.  Watch-A-Thon is on HBO, so how can I deny myself the wonderousness that is Game of Thrones. This and reading the novels is all that I have to hold me over until the new season comes back. I can relive how much I loathe King Joffrey and how much I love the Mother of Dragons and the cleverness and wit of Tyrion Lannister; but I digress….

I have even neglected my blog.  My lovely blog.  When I come home, I don’t want to think.  I don’t want to do anything that is not pleasing to me while home.  If I bring my laptop or my journal around me, my brain immediately begins to think of things to write about.  After dealing with 40 something 4thgraders everyday, I want my brain to take a break and just be able to do nothing; but I need discipline.  I still need to come home every day and do a little something something towards my blog. It is an outlet for me and it is something that I enjoy doing…I’ll figure it out.

I could create a schedule or a To-Do list, to make sure I accomplish various goals for the day.  I can always type for my blog and watch my shows, whatever media platform I use.  I can still walk around the track and take a brain break from the thoughts of the day. I just gotta want it!  I must become focused so that I can be disciplined to do what is necessary and not just relaxing.  Don’t we all?

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  1. This is going to be a weird comment since it’s not related to your post or your blog (which I’m going to follow!), but your mom gave me your blog address. I sat next to her on a plane from Charlotte to Chicago on Easter Sunday, which was one of the worst days of my life. I live in Dallas, but had been in South Carolina for a wedding, and then my stepdad had died on Friday and so on Sunday, I was flying to Chicago and connecting to Wausau to go to my mom and my brothers. I was trying to hold it together until I could be with them, but it was hopeless and I was so overwhelmingly sad. I swear, the Lord put your mom next to me. She held my hand, she let me cry, she listened, she talked, she hugged, and it meant more to me than I can ever put into words. I’ve only been back in Dallas about 10 days now, and it’s taken me a while to get organized, but I wanted to reach out to you. I never got her email address or anything, but I’d written down your website while we were on the plane. Your mom told me a lot about you (and your husband and your dogs), and her parents, and her aunt, and life, and death, and love, and dreams and faith. Please tell her how much her kindness meant to me that day. It was what my heart needed and I’m so grateful. I hope you get her to move back to Texas.

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    1. WOW!!! So glad that someone else was able to be apart of the blessing that my mom is. I will share this with her. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing this with me! I miss Dallas…take care of it for me! -Katherine of Dear Diary


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