Read the Signs

Recently while in Dallas, my husband and I had lunch at a Cajun restaurant.  Having pretty much grown up in the DFW Metroplex, I was surprised to see that Dallas had a restaurant of this type.  Now that I live in the Houston area, I have Cajun food often.  Many of the people living in southeast Texas has some connection to Louisiana.  Due to having had great Cajun food,  I was hesitant and nervous as to what I would be allowing to enter my mouth.  Would the roux (pronounced roo) of the gumbo taste burnt?  Would the Cajun chicken really be blackened or just plain burned?  Would there be boudin (pronounced boo-dan)?  I was too hungry for any taste bud regrets.  I can’t remember what I ordered, but I do remember that the staff was genuinely nice and the décor was appropriate.  This along with the atmosphere made this time a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

There were many wall hangings that showcased this restaurant’s roots to “The Boot”.  Many advertised Mardi Gras, The New Orleans’ Saint’s Football Team, and my husband’s favorite college team to go against, LSU. However, one of the signs moved me, so much so, that I had to take a picture of it. This sign gave a great warning, that can still be considered wisdom even today.  It said:

Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women

-New Orleans Police Dept.

As Dr. Seuss might say, I smiled a great smile, and I laughed a great laugh.   I had never seen a sign that was so right to the point.  Pickpockets can’t be trusted because they want anything that is worth your money and Loose Women are after your money too, so they can’t be trusted either.  Wherever this sign was originally placed, I can infer that it was somewhere where no one should have been.  So, if you were in this location, you were getting exactly what you wanted.  You were being taken advantage of.

Although today a lot of the missteps taken by men seem to be blamed on the women in their lives (that they have chosen to be with), but there are a lot of proud loose men around too.  Where are the signs for them?  By now you shouldn’t need a physical sign, just read the signs and learn by observing people and listening to the wisdom of those experienced in these matters.

We all know the signs of a loose woman/man, even though their actions are glorified (depending on race and status).  We all know the signs of a pick-pocketer even though many of them are CEOs or employed by major companies.  It might be family members and/or friends.  We have to be on our guard!  We cannot blame anyone for falling into the traps of these types of people.  We must accept our choices and actions, make do with what those actions have caused, forgive ourselves, and live a new life striving to not make the same mistakes again.

So, beware of pickpockets and loose women.  They come in every race, gender, home, and work place.  I know you have someone in your life telling you these same things. Be on your guard!  Listen to wisdom & read the signs!

Are you someone that this sign is warning about?



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