Today is YOUR Day

Today is the day my caramel chunk, my peanut butter, my boyfriend, my man, my huz-band, and my future baby’s daddy (lol) is celebrated.

“Lloydy, Lloydy, look whose 40”!

I can remember when I first met you.  I had heard about you before I knew who you were.  We finally met and I became familiar with you, and learned that you were a really great guy.  You left that same semester and I didn’t think anymore about you…when you came back that following fall semester of 2001, I was able to get to know you, and I learned that you were still a really great guy.  After you graduated, I never thought there would be anything more to our relationship.  Over time, through emails and phone calls, I got to know you better.  You showed that you would always be a good friend, but I never imagined that it would grow to be more. Our friendship did go on to be more and I am so grateful that it did.  Everyday, I am still able to see that you genuinely are a really great guy.

What a great friend you are.  Even to people that no longer deserve your friendship or you being friendly to them.  I admire you for striving to look beyond people’s faults and to see why they are the way they are without judging them at the place they are in life.  The patience and tolerance you for all people is a true gift.  You are genuine and admired from all that come across your path.  People that don’t know you have a desire to strike up a conversation with you, and people that do know you go out of their way to hear encouragement, jokes, and words of wisdom…because you are a really great guy.  You love people and they love you.

I am glad that you are looking forward to this day of celebration because you surely deserve to be celebrated. Today is the beginning of not a new chapter, but a new book in your life.   A new year of new adventures awaits you.  Many tragedies, defeats, triumphs, and victories may be played out this year in this drama called life.  While we walk this production together with God as the writer and director, I hope that you will begin to reap even more blessings this year than ever before.  I pray that more of what you have prayed for will manifest itself this year, along with things that you haven’t imagined or expected.

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”                                                  1 Corinthians 2:9 NIV


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