Burning Bridges

“People burn their bridges until they realize they are stranded…then it is too late.”


The past can not always be left in the past.  Sometimes it sneaks its shriveled up head in the most unexpected places or at the most unexpected of times.  These memories reveal the scars that have been healed behind the bandages of time.  Lessons learned about the motives of others that were once called friends.

Picture it…Friday Night, 2017…a few college friends sitting around discussing our college days.  We were pretty much all a part of the same crowd, so we were all familiar with names and events of those that were being brought up in the conversations.  Some things were known and some were just now coming to light.  A few names that were continuously brought up had done a lot of bridge burning then and even recently.

How sad it is when the negative you do outshines the positive.  Disrespect, in the name of the Lord, will definitely not go unnoticed or unjudged by Him.  Some of those very people are to this day, taking advantage of God’s people for their own profitable gain and calling themselves prophets.  They tore others down, so that their name might flourish.  They hurt others, so that the lies they told wouldn’t be found out.  Some of us found this out about them through hurt and some found this out because of God’s revelation.

Many of them are only out for themselves, so they did and are continuing to live in that life.  I feel bad for their wives, whom they have deceived using that same slithery tongue of lies, that they use on their audiences today.  I feel sorry for their children because they are unaware of the no respect their parents receive.  I feel sorry for them because they think people have forgotten the hurt that they caused.  Hurt can be forgiven but can it truly be forgotten?  I can forgive you, but I am no longer able to trust you to not be anyone other than yourself.  I will say that because of these experiences with these people, we all learned that when someone shows you who they really are…believe them.

Maybe it’s a good thing they burned these bridges… for our safety.

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Author: Kat's Eye View

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6 thoughts on “Burning Bridges”

    1. It happens so much, that it shouldn’t be. It’s only surprising, when you think people have matured and they are still doing what you remember them for doing. I guess they are only being themselves.


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