My Mother Survived a Walmart Shooting

Sunday, September 1, 2019, my mom went shopping at a neighboring city’s Walmart around 3:00 in the afternoon. She heard loud popping noises and witnessed people running with fear.

Sunday, September 1, 2019, my mom went shopping at a neighboring city’s Walmart around 3:00 in the afternoon.  After making her purchases, she walked to the basket area to return the basket she was using.  While there she began a conversation with a lady entering the store. As they were talking, both ladies heard loud popping sounds coming from inside the store.  Looking around in search of the noise, they witnessed hundreds of people running out.  All of these people were running out, with a look of panic and utter fear across their faces.  Leaving the conversation, my mother also ran for her life, as gun shots continued to ring in the air.

I thank you God for getting my mother out of the store just in time.  Thank you for the hedge of protection you placed around her and the many others that were able to escape death’s door.  She’s still a little shaken up, but doing fine.

My mother was born and raised in Chicago but left after joining the Army and beginning her own family.  She eventually came back home after being away for about 25 years.  Unfortunately, Chicago is a beautiful city plagued with Gun Violence every day.  She recently relocated to an Indiana suburb, to be safer and to no longer have to deal with other issues within the city.  This Gun Violence in Chicago, and in other major cities, has been out of control.  Where can people go now, when the “safe” suburban cities are now places of local war-fare?  When will there be laws set aside to make sure that these copy-cats are handled justly? What is going to be done to make sure that people can not feel comfortable going into places with weapons and attacking?

This true story didn’t make the news due to what was already headlining: the Odessa/Midland, TX shooting, the boat off California that caught fire with 30 people on board, and the devastation of Hurricane Dorian engulfing Grand Bahama Island.  Is that fire still destroying the Rain Forest in Brazil?

There’s too much going on in the world, but remember even in the midst of all of the chaos, God is still Good.  He still has a plan and it will be accomplished.


What should be done to protect the innocent on stores and schools?  Please comment your ideas.

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