Discipline: Having the ability to do what is necessary no matter how you feel.

That’s my definition of the word.

It is also something that I am lacking. Too many times I allow my feelings of being tired and exhausted after a long, tumultuous day at work cause me to not do the things that need to be done.  I know I need to hit that track and not just watch everyone else do it. I come home, and immediately I reach for my phone to watch my favorite YouTube Channels, or read my favorite celebrity gossip sites, or watch Netflix.  Watch-A-Thon is on HBO, so how can I deny myself the wonderousness that is Game of Thrones. This and reading the novels is all that I have to hold me over until the new season comes back. I can relive how much I loathe King Joffrey and how much I love the Mother of Dragons and the cleverness and wit of Tyrion Lannister; but I digress….

I have even neglected my blog.  My lovely blog.  When I come home, I don’t want to think.  I don’t want to do anything that is not pleasing to me while home.  If I bring my laptop or my journal around me, my brain immediately begins to think of things to write about.  After dealing with 40 something 4thgraders everyday, I want my brain to take a break and just be able to do nothing; but I need discipline.  I still need to come home every day and do a little something something towards my blog. It is an outlet for me and it is something that I enjoy doing…I’ll figure it out.

I could create a schedule or a To-Do list, to make sure I accomplish various goals for the day.  I can always type for my blog and watch my shows, whatever media platform I use.  I can still walk around the track and take a brain break from the thoughts of the day. I just gotta want it!  I must become focused so that I can be disciplined to do what is necessary and not just relaxing.  Don’t we all?

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