Blue Water


I remember when I fell in love with Blue Water.  It was my first time in the Bahamas.  The water was so captivating and amazing.  I had never seen natural blue water.  There were various shades of blue; Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue, Cobalt, and finally Navy.  Such PURE beauty.  A beautiful mosaic of blue water.  I remember sitting under a canopy on the beach and allowing the waves to lull me to sleep.  Sitting on the beach with my husband, holding hands, watching the sun set, and talking about our dreams and goals individually and together.

There is beauty and fierceness in the waves of rushing waters.

It helps to calm me when I feel overwhelmed.  It’s like my energy is recharged.  I am renewed by the waves rushing against the shore or the cruise ship.  The sound made is hypnotic to me and puts me at ease…comforting me from whatever may be overwhelming me. It is energy in its purist form, with the power to cleanse you spiritually and physically.

*This picture was taken on my recent cruise, as the waves were pushed away from the gliding ship. March 2017

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