Spring Break 2017: Grand Cayman Pt. 2

On the Amphibious Tour in the beautiful Grand Cayman Islands, my huz-band, myself, and others on the tour, were taken to their world renown 7 Mile Beach.  As the waves crashed against the beach, many times I was almost knocked over.  The waves were beautiful and terrible; soft and strong.  Several times my phone was almost lost at sea, whilst trying to record myself or take pictures of my beautiful surroundings.  After leaving the forceful waters to write me and my husband’s name in the sand, I again gathered my courage to be embraced by the sea.  There’s nothing like being in dazzling aquamarine water.

I just realized the irony, of being in aquamarine water, in March.  My birthday is in March and March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. I was in Aquamarine water in March for my birthday!  Anyone else excited about the literary archetypes in this? No, just me…what else is new! Anyway…

While I was attempting to control my balance against the mighty waters, I realized that it would be an okay idea, if I sat myself down before I actually fell in.  No, I didn’t want to swim because we only had a short time to be on the beach.  Now officially being 1 year older at this time, I used wisdom in making that decision to remove myself from the beaches’ treacherous shore.  A few feet away from me, an older lady with a cane, didn’t use her age given wisdom.  As the mighty waves rushed against the beach, she was knocked over onto its gentle sands.  Sadly her decision to stay within these waters, caused her knee to be knocked out of place.  My husband, the Care Bear that he is, could no longer think of enjoying his time on one of his favorite islands.  He had to watch what was now taking place.  He watched as the lady’s son failed in his attempts to assist her with getting up.  After a little while, he could no longer hold it in, so he finally went over to help in any way he could.

After some time of watching what would happen, I went to ask one of the workers at the drink/food area if they could bring a chair out so this lady could sit down.  I was a little perturbed at how the staff continuously walked around like there wasn’t a situation happening.    The nervous worker left to find a chair, but brought back a guy that was doing his best to ignore the situation.  I said to myself, “Dear Diary, I know this man is not over there trying to act like he can’t see what’s happening”.  SOOOOO I headed right for him.  He was a stocky guy, so I knew he could be of some use.  I told him the situation, and he looks down at his shoes and says, “Ahh man.  I don’t wanna mess my shoes up.”  I looked down at his shoes…they looked like the shiny gym shoes you find from Walmart.  Like Asics without the Asics, New Balance without the New, even Shaq’s without the Shaq. I could go on, but I will stop.  Okay, they were one shoe aisle away from the shoes with the velcro strap…I’m just trying to get you to see why I was confused at his response.

Once I snapped out of this shock, I politely said, “But she needs to get out of the water and she can’t walk.  You can wash your shoes.  She can’t get up.”  My husband looked at me and I looked back at him …whateva!  (My husband always givin’ me looks like that, when he thinks I’ve said too much…whateva!)

Finally the two workers carried the lady to the bar area.  Yes, he got his shoes wet because the waves were still rockin’; and yes I laughed!  I possibly could have been more empathetic if they were some Jordan’s or something more upscale…

I just found it sad that he was more concerned about his plastic gym shoes then helping someone that needed it.  He worked for the beach!  What a great way to make your tourists feel important.

People of the WORLD: Make sure to put the needs of others, before your materialistic things!  Yes they are important to you, but someone that actually needs your help is actually more important!

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