Rain’s Response

POV of the rain not wanting to be a part of a storm because of the damage it once caused.

Wind, I hear your whispers growing louder. 

I sleep soundly refusing to be disturbed.

Thunder, I will not be taunted by your howls or your thunderous beckoning. 

I will sleep.

Lightning, your crackle and cackle of laugher will not tempt me to open my eyes to view mysteries in the darkness.

I am at rest.

I hear you.  I hear all of you. You do not wish me to remain as I am,  but I will not be persuaded to join your conversation.  You talk of storms as if you do not remember the last one.  I do remember and will not be judged for it again.

You witnessed what happened  before.  I was too much for them to hold.  By God’s power I answered their begging. 

I will no longer give in to their request.  I will not wake until I am ready!  I will not be moved! 

I will not look upon the Earth and pretend to care when hearing her cries.  Let the ground and the lips of her people be parched.  Let the wilting flowers and aging trees wither in the heat.  They will remember me and yearn for my touch.

Humans and Animals alike will not be quenched by the power of my waters.   I will not rejuvenate their rivers and replenish their lands.  My drops will not kiss their foreheads as relief from the overwhelming heat of the sun.  No, I don’t want to see them.  I gave them my all before and they cursed me.  They shall have no more of me until my anger has passed.

Whilst the clouds continue to wrap me in their soft embrace of slumber, I will remain at rest.  

They want me with them and this is where I will continue to be. 

I will not wake.

So Wind, become silent in your pleading. 

Thunder, relax your bold demands.

Lightning, calm yourself and allow your powers to weaken.

I am at rest.

I will sleep.

They shall have no more of me until my anger has passed.


Author: Kat's Eye View

Read my latest article from my blog at www.katseyeview.org. This is a place where I share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences how I see the world or have seen the world. My purpose is not to offend, but to express. I hope that you enjoy what you read, while getting a better understanding of another point of view. Feel free to share, comment, and subscribe to receive my articles when they are posted. -With Love...Kat

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