Friday Night!

Friday Nights at the movies, renting from Blockbuster, or watching the shows that came on during TGIF was the beginning of the weekend growing up in the 90s!  Hanging out with friends at any of the last remaining game halls where one could play pool or arcade games without the odor of smoke and stepping into the drunken drizzle of beer on the floor was during my college years.  If not that, then a movie and on to dinner at Cheddars.

Not much has changed for me since then.  Going out to dinner at a swanky restaurant or a favorite common eatery continues to be ideal, for me and mine.  We tend to make plans, but fail to stay committed once we go home to let our pups out, because we sit down.  The dreaded sit down always leads us to staying home longer than we wanted to. By the time we encourage ourselves to leave, everyone else in the city is now off work and the waiting lists at restaurants begin to grow. Even in the drive-thrus.

Honestly, the Huz-band and I could care less if we went out on a Friday Night or not.  We are content with ordering food or whipping up a quick favorite meal at home and doing what we do.  Discussing a movie to watch (that never gets watched), eat a nice meal, and entertaining our individual selves with social media.  I try not to fall down the rabbit-hole of Instagram but I always become Alice.

We’ve taken to watching cruise vlogs together on the YouTube app on our television.  We might not watch a movie, but the cruising vlogs get us quite excited for the cruise we have coming up.  Some might think we’re too young to be so comfortable with such simple and quiet things, implying that we are an old married couple. We just do what’s appealing to us; and after a long week of caring for everyone else’s children, a simple evening at home with our boys sounds like quite the Friday Night to us!


Author: Kat's Eye View

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night!”

  1. You do a fantastic job of capturing the feelings of many. Thank you, for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy and appreciate reading them.


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