Sweet Memory of Yesterday

  It is Tuesday. Back at it again. Today should be a bit better…we are closer to Friday.  Sometimes that doesn’t bring the energy needed and today, I’m already drained, already over it, already ready to return home.  Will today be a long day?  Sure feels like it.

Already this morning I’ve had to repeatedly tell students to be quiet during announcements, remove a child from their seat because they were continuously distracting others, and take up a stuffed animal?  Why are we bringing toys to school as 6th graders?  (Oh because we need more attention?  Because parents just send their children to their rooms when they get home and don’t talk to them?)  This happened all within 5 minutes of each other.  Before 9:00 this morning during a 6th grade meeting. 

Don’t allow the evil ones to defeat you I say to myself.  Who are the evil ones you say?  YOUR CHILDREN!!! YOUR CHILDREN are the evil ones that nest as Medusa’s hair!  They nap under the veil of Hades himself!!!  They sway, walk, and Tic Tok dance to the hypnotic beats of Pandora’s Box.

Sorry, I lost my self.  Allow me time to find it again. 

 Let me think back to yesterday.  Yesterday, just as I said I would do in yesterday’s writing, The Melodious Monday Blues, I did something spontaneous.  I asked the huz-band out for a pre-dinner date.  We do have the enjoyable privilege of working together, but yesterday he had jury duty, so we didn’t get to see each other before leaving the house.  We met up and shared an appetizer and drank sweet tea together. 

It was good seeing my friend.  We caught up and discussed each other’s day.  Frustrations were vented, Jokes were had, and sips were slurped.  This was time shared between the two of us. Even if just for a little while.  This is a sweet memory of yesterday.  

Now once again I can see the light at the end of this dreary week-long tunnel.  Sweet thoughts of him, encourage me to make it, if not just to see his sweet face again to sip tea.


Author: Kat's Eye View

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