The Melodious Monday Blues

It is Monday.  As a teacher, this is an exciting Monday!  We have two Mondays left after today before the end of the school year!  Do you not understand how much energy this brings to an educator?  We have been risking our lives, health, and sanity to continue to reach the future of America.  If I’m being honest, I enjoy my students and at times the only struggle I have is struggling to contain the excitement I have when I see the light bulbs of understanding clicking on during class.

On the other hand I also deal with students that, without hesitation, state that they don’t consider Teachers to be Adults because they don’t take care of students like parents do. (Because I guess a Teacher can’t be a Parent…)  This child’s mentality explains some of the issues of our current school system today in America. This type of disregard can cause a teacher to feel insignificant; but not today.

Even in the disappointment of students not realizing how valuable their teachers are to their lives, I refuse to make this day feel like a typical Monday.  I will not allow it to let me down or to feel like there’s no light at the end of the long dark tunnel of the rest of this week.  I will continue to be what I am needed to be.

Today I shall be productive and continue to be the best me for myself and for all those that I come in contact with.  I will treat this day as if it were a Friday! Perhaps when I leave work I will be spontaneous and by myself an ice cream or do an extra lap during my evening walk.  Either way, I’m not going to allow the melodious Monday blues to get me down.


Author: Kat's Eye View

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