In My Solitude…

In my solitude, I sit along the sand and I energize myself from the tender touch of you.

In my solitude…

I sit along the sand as the winds lightly blow the waves against the beach.  The sounds and gentle silence relax me. My mind is clear and refreshed.  I am alert and unafraid.  Painful memories ease from my focus. They no longer hurt, they are no longer binding.  I feel peace.

In my solitude…

…my hands are outstretched and my feet are bare.  I energize myself from the tender touch of nature.  A sea of green grass delicately brush against me in the vast open field.  As I open my eyes I gaze into the aquamarine sky above.  The rays of the sun wrap me in warmth.  From a stream, the sounds of flowing water glide across rocks into a brook and enhance the melodies of a bird’s song. I feel calm and alive.  

In my solitude…

… The northern city sounds of horns and sirens are shut out by the security of the doors leading to the second house.  I rub my hands along the mahogany colored wood as I climb the winding stairs and breathe in its familiar scent. I’m Here!  I prepare to be engulfed in overwhelming familial Love.   I am deep in the south amongst the shadows of a hating past, but in the safety of Our land.  In the nearness of my people, and the strength of our history.  Standing near the unseen, of those that came before.  Knowing they are proud of the continuation of what they started.  The traditions will continue.  I feel complete,  I feel pride, and I feel family .

In my solitude…

…I’m with you, held in your embrace.  Feeling secure knowing worry isn’t an option.   Daily experiencing your love for me and only me. Never having to wonder or settle. Never a reason to doubt; I am where I’m supposed to be.  Creating memories… laughing at the past while being a comfort in the present.  Continuing to hope for a greater future. United as one until the glimmer of the stars fade away and the light of the sun overwhelms itself.  I feel me, I feel Us, I feel Forever.

In my solitude.


Author: Kat's Eye View

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