Tears for George Floyd

Symbols are all around us.  They can be as simple as representing the Golden Arches of a company or they can have a more serious meaning and represent the ideals of spirituality, prosperity, or evil.

In high school, I loved analyzing the archetypes and symbolism read in literature during English AP class.  I was amazed at uncovering the “hidden” meaning behind what a character said and did. There was purpose in why the character looked the way they did and in the many details of a scene. From the colors used to the placement of shadows. From the time of day to the type of weather…It was all important. Every detail was done on purpose and added life and mystery to the story. I sometimes tend to look at life in this same way.

Last week it seemed to rain everyday in the Houston area.  I could easily say the rain was an effect of the hurricane that was in the Gulf, but I believe the rain represented the tears of the city. With grey and gloomy skies unable to suppress their tears, the city of Houston mourned the unjust murder of her son, George Floyd. May his death never be forgotten, so that justice will come and that same justice will stay. 

Black Lives Matter

Mural created in memory of George Floyd——Houston,TX.

Black and Bullied

When we stand up for injustice, we are told that we shouldn’t.  Whether peaceful and silent, or loud and violent we’re continuously told that it’s best to keep out of it, but what about the bullied?

What is Juneteenth

“What is Juneteenth?  June 10th?  Am I saying it right?  Is it a made up word?,”  My mom and I looked around in confusion because we had never heard of this word before.  See, I’m not originally from Texas, and in school, I had always been taught that slavery had ended in 1865.  It wasn’t…

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