A Divine Perspective 18: Pride & Retaliation

No longer do we continue to think with our heart or with understanding, but we end up making emotional decisions that can have us walking around looking like a jackass.

Quietly and anonymously I sit, in one of my favorite places.  Surrounded by thousands of words, silently expressed and shared through the medium of literature.  I’m in the process of brainstorming a post for my newly Sunday posting called A Divine Perspective, but all I can focus on is this man walking very closely to me, and a sudden foul odor.  I know this man didn’t just do what I think…did he just walk pass me and fart?  In this type of situation, what do I do?  Should I confront this older gentleman, or nah?  What would this solve? All that would do is get me kicked out, although it would allow this very small population of people to know that I didn’t cause the Funk that is now hovering in the air.

What is that smell

Since I am one to never want to add to the stereotype of the so called “ghetto, loud, aggressive, angry, black person, I chose to not make a fool of myself.  However, as I find a new seat, I will allow him to hear my disgust as I use my inside voice to utter my displeasure and rebuke him for allowing Satan’s minions to exit his boom-boom room.  That’ll teach him! Now he knows how I feel. Hmph!

This made me think about retaliation and how far some people will go to get back at someone who wronged them.  Is it really necessary?  Why do we as a human race feel the need to get back at the one who we feel has wronged us?  Why is this so important and why do we feel “getting back” would bring us satisfaction?

The world is all about the Get Back, Getting Even, the I’mma Show You.  It’s like we have this need for Retaliating.  You see this especially on the reality television shows.  On these shows whenever someone feels insulted, a fight is sure to happen.  Drinks, fists, shoes, and wigs start flying all over the place, because someone’s pride has been damaged and they must retaliate. In other words, the ONLY way to let you know what you not gon’ do and how you not gon’ talk to me or how you not gon’ treat me, is by introducing these hands to your face along with having a nice session of C.Y.O (Cuss You Out) therapy.  In the end, no one is satisfied, everyone involved is hurt, and sometimes laws are broken. Friendships and reputations are challenged and ended because someone had to retaliate.

People!!!  Here me now! We’ve got to do better.  I don’t want to say be the bigger person, but like the Five Heartbeats said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.  We become so upset and frustrated because our pride has been chipped, cracked, and shattered.  Then retaliation rears its angry head.  No longer do we continue to think with our heart or with understanding, but we end up making emotional decisions that can lead to biting us in our boom-boom room and have us walking around looking like a jackass.  All of this because of our pride being hurt.  Proverbs 16:18 in the Bible says, “Pride goeth before destruction”.

Don’t allow your pride and your desire to get back at the person that hurt you, bring you to a place that destroys you.  Don’t allow your pride to get the better of you and cause you to end up in a regrettable moment that now has you shaking your head in disbelief, and embarrassment, all the while asking yourself, “What have I done”? Don’t be that person. Think about your family and what this decision could do to them.  Is the situation really worth it?

Someone once said, “He who angers you, conquers you”. Don’t allow anyone to conquer you.  Whether it be yourself or someone attacking your pride. Don’t allow your hurt to cause you to make an emotional attack because your pride has been conquered, and you just had to retaliate.  Be smart in all of your choices no matter how angry you feel.  Think, will this choice have a positive impact or a negative impact?  Be the bigger, better, and smarter person and walk away.  You’ve got too much in life to look forward to, than to allow 30 seconds of anger get the best of you.  Now, go out and live your best Life!

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