Accomplish Something

So as I’m thinking about this topic and formatting it to black and white, I realize that I’m wrong.

In one of my last posts, The Follow Through, I mentioned that I wanted to accomplish something.  That’s not to say I’ve never accomplished anything in my life.  The official definition of the word accomplishment is something that has been achieved successfully. Technically, I’ve done this.  I have been successful in life, having therefore accomplished certain regular life goals.  For me though, I see an accomplishment as something done that isn’t a part of the regular routine of life or a challenge.

I became a teacher and have had the privilege of teaching close to 2,000 students all of these years.  That number doesn’t include students that I’ve had to encourage and reprimand that weren’t on my class rosters.  I’ve been married to the man beyond my wildest dreams for 12 years, happily, which in itself is no small feat.  Not everyone can say the same while smiling.  However, these aren’t the things I’m speaking about when it comes to my definition of an accomplishment.

I see an accomplishment as living in another country for like a year or backpacking across Europe (it doesn’t necessarily have to be Europe).  Making a living from a hobby, losing a tremendous amount of weight, preparing and running in a marathon, or becoming an entrepreneur….  These are the types of things I feel are accomplishments because they aren’t necessarily planned out, not the regular and expected, but the unexpected.  They aren’t the typical things that go along with the the everyday plans of life.  They’re just things that one chooses to do and follows through with it.

So as I’m thinking about this topic and formatting it to black and white, I realize that everything I said I don’t count as an accomplishment actually is an accomplishment.  Getting married and twelve years later still enjoying it are two accomplishments in one. Attending and completing college is another, I went through some unplanned challenges but was still able to succeed in walking across that university stage.   Even my career of being a teacher.  You may not believe it, but teaching is umm, how can I say this?  It’s not for the timid and it isn’t the colorful world of crayons, bows, and story time.  It’s uh,… wooo, something else, but I’ll leave the details (the good and the bad) in another post.  I will say that dealing with depression, self doubt, and the feeling of inadequacy from administration and colleagues can be a lot, but making it through is an accomplishment.

The problem is me.  I have to change my view and the way I look at life.  Accomplishments are more than just the big write the vision and make it plain things.  They are the dictionary definition.  Those memorable situations that brought along with it some challenges.  Not just the challenges themselves.  Accomplishments are things done that aren’t part of the routine of life.  It’s just not fair for me to only acknowledge accomplishments, through one frame of thinking.

We all have achieved something successfully, whether it was planned or unexpected.  No matter how it’s viewed.  Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back, say a thank you God, and know that you were meant to succeed in that past or present endeavor.

Being Successful in whatever you’ve put your mind to do is making an accomplishment.

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