The Follow Through

No basketball shot or volleyball serve can be complete without a follow through.  Same with goals in life.  It’s always easy to begin, ….

Happy New Year to Everyone all over the World! For some, this is their favorite time of the year because it’s like getting a do over.  For others it’s a time to welcome new adventures or turning to a new chapter in the book of You.

I think I’m looking forward to a little bit of both really.   A fresh start and looking forward to what this New Year will bring.  The summer of 2019, was a bit rocky and unexpected.   The chaos of what it brought overshadows anything that happened earlier or later in the year.

Today and yesterday I’ve been quietly thinking about what I can focus on achieving in this New Year.  I’m at a point where I need to think about the big picture.  I thought I’d always done this, but I realize I’ve always been okay with not completing my goals and plans.  This year I want to live as if this is the last resort so that I can accomplish… something.  The follow through is necessary.

My 6th grade teacher told me that I struggled with seeing things through to the end.  His words have continued to stay with me, until of course, I would forget them, but they were still embedded in my mind.  Recently watching an episode of “Married with Children”, one of the characters was told this same thing.  It was then I remembered Mr. Casteel’s piercing words.  This also helped to remind me that I can no longer live just for now.  I’ve become too complacent with just going with the flow and falling back on the present.  I must live and act with urgency.  I need to be focused on the future and all that may come with it.

No basketball shot or volleyball serve can be complete without a follow through.  Same with goals in life.  It’s always easy to begin, but the continuation through to its finish is what matters even when rough patches come.  I want to have 20/20 vision when looking at the dreams I want out of life.  I want to see all that comes with it, so I can’t allow the start to also be the end.  I must remember the follow through.

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