Friday means Movie Night

Its finally Friday! What are you planning on doing this weekend? Movies?

I remember the days of yore when the movie was the thang to do on a Friday Night. I grew up with a mom that made Friday’s our date night! It was something to look forward to. This consisted of me wearing my “mini” jean skirt and purple boots a Movie and Pizza. As I got a little older, she would give me money so that I could purchase what I wanted from the concession stand. Nachos, Pickles, Popcorn, and Cherry Coke! She always had a movie planned for Friday Night. The best was the food we brought from home. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone okay.

In college, we would go to the 9:00pm show. Why we waited so late knowing full well that girls had curfew. Yes I went to a University where girls had a curfew. Makes sense, since we can get pregnant without any help right?Anyway we would go to Cheddars after it and rush back to campus to be in by 1 am. Ahhh, those were the days.

Now, I don’t even care that I haven’t been to a movie since Us came out back in…what was that, April? I don’t know, but that was the last movie I went to see. There are plenty of movies that I want to see, but by the time I am free to go, movies are the last thing on my mind. Rest and Sleep are priorities now. I’ll get there when I can, but until then I’ve got Netflix!

What are you doing tonight?