September 2: It’s Labor Day!

September 2: It’s Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day 2019 here in the good ole U.S of A.  A time set aside to honor those that labor every day, so that they may have a day of rest.  Obviously it’s not a day where all those that work are off, because stores and restaurants are open.  For those that have the pleasure of being off, these people honor this day with picnics, family, and shopping. 

Labor Day sales are prevalent and television commercials remind you to spend your money on this day, in order to, you know save it….Families get together for formal reunions, by gathering at parks for picnics, or homes.  Wherever you go, the scent of bar-b-que is sure to be found close by along with the refreshing smells of watermelon and sunshine.

I, on the other hand, like to spend my Labor Day doing absolutely nothing except for the things I want to do.  Reading, Writing, Sleeping, Eating, and Netflixing.  I don’t want to visit anyone and I don’t want any visitors coming to me.  Hearing the Huz-Band yell at the television about the College Football game that’s on and the pups playing is all the noise I need.  Not to be disrespectful to anyone, but I prefer to be at home cuddled in my pajamas while living my life like its Golden.  This Laborer still has to go to work the next day and I want to feel rested.  Maybe I’ll re-watch Game of Thrones and pretend the travesty that was Season 8 didn’t happen.

Thank you for reading.  Please comment below and tell me how you’ll be spending September 2 or for my international readers tell me how you spent September 2?

*You can read all about the facts and fiction of Labor Day by clicking on the links below-

Happy Labor Day


  1. Football practice 🙄,Mickey Mouse PJs, WHIP the boys in a game of Monopoly or UNO(Which I still you a good ole beating in a game🤔🤔😂😂😂due time),good ole BBQ and Work in the AM😡😔😭😂😂

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    1. Sounds like a busy but enjoyable day, before night falls. I’ve never played adult monopoly because I know I’ll want to stop playing due to getting bored, but UNO? I’m okay…we’ll see.🤗


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