A Divine Perspective 14: Safe In His Arms

A Divine Perspective 14: Safe In His Arms

If there was one thing I have always known is that my dad loves me.  I was always able to trust him even at times that I should have been afraid.  I used to love jumping from high places, into his arms because if he said he was going to catch me I believed he would.  I never doubted that he wouldn’t catch me. I felt safe in his arms.  I was confident that my daddy wouldn’t ever do anything to harm me or bring harm my way.

Whenever I fell out of a tree or off a slide, he would pick me up and hold me.  As gently as he could, he wiped the grass and dirt off my face and clothing.  This was his way of comforting me and it worked.  I was accepting of this love because I knew that’s exactly what it was.  He would speak in a sweet voice telling me “It’s okay, it’s okay”.  Continuing with “baby, baby, baby” as he tried to assess the damage.  He would then ask me if I was ready to go, and look with happy surprise when I would say, “No”.  Shocked that I wanted to re-climb from where I had just fallen, but proud that I wasn’t giving in to fear.  During this second chance, he would remind me to be careful and watch me as I succeeded on this second round.  He would then capture the moment with a photo.

This is a picture of how God the Father wants to be with us.  He’s always there for us when we fall.  He wants to wipe away our tears and smile when we learn lessons from life’s many tests.  He wants to bring us comfort in the times we need His gentle touch.  When you are in a place that seems like there’s nothing else to do but jump, Can You Trust God to Be There with His Arms Wide Open?  Just as I felt safe in the arms of my father, Our Heavenly Father wants us to feel Safe in His Arms.

The only way you will know God desires this for you, is by getting to know his heart and his love for you.  To do this find a church that will encourage you to build a relationship with God for yourself.  Get to know him by praying and reading The Bible.  Your prayers don’t have to be formal, just speak to Him often about whatever is on your heart.  The more you do this, the more you will begin to recognize His voice.  You will hear it as He comforts you and discourages you from making unwise choices.  Whether it’s your second, third, or eighth time.  When you finally get to that high ledge, you will know then that you are free to feel Safe in His Arms.


Thank you for reading.  Please comment and tell me about the situations in your life when you felt Safe in God’s Arms.

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