The Meme Below Part II: Where I Stand

This kneeling is in protest and in prayer for OUR country to be better.  No matter your political or religious beliefs, wrong is wrong.  If you choose to remain Ignorant, I can only call you what you are.

When I saw this meme, it completely threw me off.  I read what it said and looked at the name of the person that re-posted it.  I was stunned.  I didn’t think this person, this former co-worker…, this eclectic person that I thought was open minded to differences felt this way.  How did I miss this?  How could she feel this way?  She’s much older than me, but she seemed to have an understanding about current injustices towards mankind and not just towards animals and the environment.

What maybe hurts the most is my naivety.  I have a tendency to assume the best in people….  The entire issue of kneeling for the pledge was never to disrespect OUR country’s flag.  Why must this statement stay on repeat?  Colin Kaepernick and many others were trying to bring attention to how those sworn to Protect and Serve seemed to be “out to get us”.  By Us I mean African Americans, black people, black folks.  Police lives do matter, but don’t forget that black people’s lives matter too.  Who do we call to protect us, if those that are sworn to protect and serve won’t protect us?  Please don’t try me with that black on black crime because obviously every race commits murder or other crimes amongst their race because that’s who they live around.  Certain groups of people are shown more negatively on the news, unless they’re shuckin’ and jivin’ for the masses as entertainers musically or in sports.

It’s like black people aren’t allowed to speak out and express their dislike or disdain for issues.  We’re supposed to just go on with problems and be satisfied that we are “free”.  The Devil is a Lie!  That slavery mentality will not stand anymore!  We will speak out when injustices are seen!  Are things better for us than they were 100 years ago or even 60 years ago, yes.  Are we Hanging from every tree at a PicNic?  No, things are better, but they still aren’t where they should be.  No matter where darker skinned or black people are in the world, it seems we have to put up with more hatred.  What more do we want?  To be able to speak out…to be able to feel equal and believe the equality is true…to be able to live freely and carefree and not feel the need to call a loved one when we get pulled over.  To feel the need to not have to put our phone on speaker phone so that we can notify our loved ones about what’s going on when stopped by a police officer.  To not have to teach our sons and daughters survival skills so that an officer doesn’t fear for their life.  To not have to dry through a town and read bumper stickers that say “If you don’t like it down here, go back to the North”  while they proudly have the confederate flag waving alongside the American Flag on the back of their trucks.

Again, we will not sit idly by while our people are being killed and bullied being who we are.  We will not sit idly by and continue to watch our people be handled like wild animals.  Excuse me, like cattle.  Animals of the wild are given more compassion.  We’re killed for selling water because someone unnecessarily feared for their life.  When Naked Nathan can shoot and kill his family and attack police and civilians, there must be a mental reason, because NO ONE feared for their life and and Naked Nathan wan’t shot up like 26 times.  We live in a world where fabric is chosen over a person?

When will it be appropriate for black people to voice our concerns that we see broadcast on the news?  People are tired of turning the other cheek because there are no more cheeks to be turned.  This protest was a choice to act and speak up with the use of violence, although violence had been used on us.  This kneeling is in protest and in prayer for OUR country to be better.  How can you not understand this?  I feel like I am pleading for this to understood. No matter your political or religious beliefs, wrong is wrong and right is right.  If you choose to remain Ignorant to the issues, I can only call you what you are.  Because of your meme,  now I’m right.  No matter how much of a good person you are.


Thank you for reading Part II of The Meme below.  Please read The Meme Below Part I: The Backstory

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