Year of Me: YOU Gotta SEE IT!!!

Creating a vision board can help you see that your goals are obtainable.  Here are 5 steps to get you started.

Make the VISION Plain, so that you can see it.

Your Word Wall, helps to speak Life to manifest those dreams.  You are using these words to encourage yourself to reach the dreams that God has placed in your heart.  Creating a vision board helps you visualize the dream(s).  They help you see that your goals are obtainable.  You can add some of your word wall words to your vision board so that your words can line up with what you see for yourself.  Here are 5 steps to help get you started.

You’ve got to be able to SEE IT!

  1. Get poster board & glue or foam/cork board & push pins
    • It can be any size that you want.  Maybe your wall.
      • Use page(s) in your daily journal to glue your vision to.
  2. Get Magazines that represent YOU.
    • Use the magazine to find pictures and words that represent your goals.  Cut them out to glue onto your poster board.  If you are able to use magazines you already own or can use from someone you know, you can save money on this.
      • If you are in your 30s on up, you probably don’t need to use the magazine Seventeen. If you don’t golf, Golf Magazine may not be one that you need.  Get magazines that represent you.
      • I’m adding a checklist to mine, so that I can check off the goals I reach throughout the year.
        • Add anything that positively represents your goals.
  3.  Sticker Letters/Decorations (Optional)
    • This can help jazz up your vision board. Add your personality/your spin to YOUR Vision.  The vision board is a representation of you.  Design it however you want it to look.  Some people even add lights to theirs.  Go Crazy!  Do whatever you want to reflect your personality.
  4. Have Fun!
    • Enjoy this time of making the vision plain.
      • Play music!
      • Re-watch a movie that you already know everything that’s going on, so you don’t have to really focus on it—just for background noise.
      • Have a Vision Board Party and invite others over so that positivity can reign over everyone there.
        • It’s good to have someone other than you that is able to keep you accountable to your goals, if you should happen to get side tracked or discouraged.
  5. Now Run with it! (Habakkuk 2:2-3)
    • Place the vision board somewhere that you can see it everyday.  On the wall next to your bed or in your work space.
      • Take a picture of it and place a copy in your journal so that everyday you are able to see it.
        • Let it be the Wallpaper on your phone, computer, or tablet.
    • Now focus on those goals!  Don’t lose sight of those dreams!  Keep God at the focal point and pray to him about each step to takeIf He put it in your heart, it will come to pass.
      • Encourage yourself daily.  Speak Life into your Visions & Goals at every chance, especially when you start to doubt or think “it” won’t happen.  Remind the Enemy about what Your God says about you. (Philippians 4:13)

So many people create their own unique ways for their vision boards.  Check out Pinterest for some examples of Vision Boards.  Have fun with this. After all, this represents you and it’s for you.

****I hope this series, Year of Me, was encouraging to you.  Please share with me the plans you are already working towards in the comment section.****

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Featured Image: Pinterest Examples

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