Year of Me: Write the Vision…

Words have Power. Speak positively over your life. How will you use your words?

Year of Me: Write the Vision…

I have many things I want to accomplish, and even though Aaliyah said, “Age Ain’t Nuthin but a Number”, I feel like my time is getting away from me.  No, I don’t feel as if death is knocking at my door or even walking in my direction, praise God, but there is a lot that I want to do and I feel like I’m gettin’ too old and won’t be able to do everything. I’ve been complacent for far too long.  Each new year I find myself in the same place of wanting a change and wanting to do me, yet I am doing nothing to make that happen.  I have allowed not only myself, but also people to halt my progress to achieve what I want out of life.  Fears have stopped me.

The Fear of the words from others are included.  Whether it’s from family or Facebook “friends”.  As much as I strive to not care for the thoughts of others, this outlook can still be challenging.  Maybe it’s because I am truly not confident in myself, so having someone else speak out what I am trying to suppress, stirs up the doubt.  WHOAAAAA!!!!!!! Why didn’t I study Psychology???? Dang it!!!  I know that was some looking inside your insides to discover who you is kinda stuff (yes, I meant to say, “Who you is”).

In this year of me, I have decided that I am going to write the vision and make it plain (Habakukk 2:2).  I hear about people creating vision boards.  I’ve always thought they were artistic and unique, but I’ve never completed or attempted to create one.  I never made a vision board, but I used words to write what I wanted.  I did this to “plan out my life” and to list the characteristics I wanted in a husband.  I was consistent in the latter and that most definitely worked in my favor.  I have THE BEST HUZ-BAND!!!  If my consistence worked for my Husband, why not use this for my other dreams and goals.

A personal word wall?  Displaying words that encourage me to believe in my dreams can be helpful.  Not only am I “writing” the vision, but also calling my dreams and goals into existence.  It’s the “calling those things that be not as though they were” and “speaking life into my situation”.  All of this are principles found in the Bible.  *(Isaiah 55:11; Matthew 4:4; Mark 11:23)*  Meditating on these positive and focused words can help me with being successful in my ambitions.  I have the ability to speak life into my well being and these desires that I believe God has given me.  Words have Power.  How will you use yours?

For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit.-1 Peter 3:10

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