Valentine’s Week Series Day 7: My First Love

Ever since I can remember, you have always been there. Trying to help me navigate through this thing called life. Even at times when I didn’t feel comfortable coming to you, you’ve always been there waiting with open arms and open ears.  Always the guiding hand, the guiding force illuminating the way for me. I am blessed to say that I came from you. I am the reflection of the both of you. Everyday I notice things about myself that show the impact you have had on me.

I don’t know how you did it. As young as you were, as naive as you were, but together you raised me.  I am me because of you.  Being the age now that you were when I was growing up…I pray for that same patience.  Your teachings flow through me; into the ears of my classroom and eventually to my own.

I was there to watch the choices you made and to learn from the victories and mistakes.  Maturity has taught me that no one was to blame except youth and fear.  I learned many a life lessons from you.  Whether the lessons were taught verbally or non-verbally, I learned.  I watched and I listened.  I still do and I know that Love is and has always been at the forefront of your guidance.

I longed to make you proud.  I still do actually and all I ask in return is that you trust that your knowledge is apart of me.  Know that choices I make will not lead me astray from what you have taught me.

I see you now and smile at how well life has treated you. You are truly blessed. Most your age are not able to live as you two are.  Healthy and strong; no real need for medication to “keep” you.  Yes, there are some aches and pains that come with age, and that’s okay.  You may not have felt that life has always been on your side, but God’s love has always showered down upon you.  Your Father still had some life lessons for you to learn as well.

We may not be as we once were.  We may not have ever been the ideal, but I am proof of the love that was once authentically there.  Even in times of silence, doubt, frustration, and anger love was still there.  Love will always be there.  You taught me about love and you always showed me love.  I only know about love because of you.  No matter the storms that life brought us, it is Love that will forever bind us together.      You have and will always be my first love.

I hope that you enjoyed all of the many tales of love I shared this week.  This is the last posting in my Valentine’s Week Series.  Click on the blue link to get caught up and thank you for reading.

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week Series Day 7: My First Love”

  1. I don’t care what you wrote about it always pulls at my heart strings! Enjoyed the series I know Katie’s smile is beaming from ear to ear.


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