Valentine’s Week Series Day 5: The Beginning of Our Beginning

In college, my choir was taking pictures to advertise for our upcoming concert.  Now my friend Janessa, was always telling me about this particular guy on campus and how he was so cute and funny and always made her laugh.  She was more outgoing than me, so she was always out around campus meeting different people.   She was eager for me and the rest of our friends to meet him.  She didn’t know that he was in our choir, since he wasn’t there when we tried out.

So an-t-ways, she and I, and the rest of our friends, meet in the designated area on campus to meet up for the pictures.  Most people are there, except for the photographer. About 25 minutes later all the members of the choir have arrived, including the photographer.  But now people are becoming impatient.  I didn’t have any work that I needed to do, so I was okay.  I had eaten dinner early and all of my friends were there, so I was in no hurry to leave.

I’m standing next to Janessa and all of a sudden she’s like, “Hey Lyric!  That’s the guy I’ve been telling you about!”

I turn around and see a handsome, clean-cut caramel, colored guy complaining about needing to get to the library because he had to study.  He wasn’t wearing a White T or baggy jeans and Jordans.  He was dressed like he already had a professional job.  I was thinking, “Okay this guy seems really focused”. I was impressed by this.  He was an upper class-man, but it was good to see someone that understood their reason for being in college…to actually graduate with a nice grade point average.  It didn’t hurt that he was attractive.  I mean he was Jason Momoa, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, L. Caldwell fine!

“Hey Lance!  This is my friend Lyric.  Lyric this is Lance.”

“Nice to meet you”, Lance and I both say together shaking hands.

“Man, I’m ready to go”, Lance adds to the the end of his greeting…while speaking to someone else.

I know he didn’t.  He barely let my hand go when he said it, and he was already looking away from me talking to someone else.  All I thought was Rude and had no interest in getting to know him any further. I mean, I understood where he was coming from, but my interpretation of what he did was, “I really don’t care about meeting you little girl, cuz I got stuff to do.”  A Bad Start.

Weeks go by, and acquaintances we become. He accuses me of having an attitude because I’m from Dallas, and I accuse him of not being from Texas because he lacked the accent.  We hung out with different people, but our circles were always interlocked. Whenever our circles would go to the cafeteria at the same time, and he didn’t have a swarm of people around him, he would take the time to spit ice chips at me through his straw and look away trying to act like it wasn’t him…annoying indeed.

He seemed to enjoy informing me about the size of my head; or telling me how at times it looked as if my perm had gone firm because there was no life in my ponytail.  It was just sticking straight out.  No gone with the wind fabulosity at all.  However, every now and then, his big face would surprise me with a compliment.  This was the beginning of our beginning.  Our friendship developed even more that next year, and misguided love built a bond between us that can never be broken.

A Fiction-ish Story: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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 Valentine’s Week Series Day 5

Photo: Edited to hide the faces of those in the photo, since this may or may not be about those in the photo.


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