Valentine’s Week Series Day 4: You were my Favorite Teacher…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all that have learned lessons about how beautiful & hurtful love can be. Cheers to the professors and students of Love!

You were my favorite teacher, and as much as I want to say what a waste of time class was, I can’t. Your lessons did benefit my life.

With your assistance, I admit, I learned somethings about myself.  I saw how eager I was to give my heart away.  I don’t know, maybe there was some low self esteem involved…some daddy issues, or just plain innocence.

“We” were a lesson for me to learn from and you taught me oh so well. I can remember how you did all the little things, just because… and how you sweetened me with words. You convinced me to think I was your favorite and only pupil.

I admired you for your knowledge and your ability to know just what to say, at all the right moments. Not just to me, but to any that needed a piece of you. But even a “foolish man can give wise counsel”.

How clever you were at twisting my heart to believe in you. To have faith in you.  Not only were you a teacher, but you were also an actor, a clown, a mime, a fickle little boy.

I can still see that dramatic scene like it was yesterday. You caught in a lie.  Me attempting to walk away while you fall to your face begging and pleading for me not to leave you.  I was what you had always been praying for.  I was what you never dreamed God would bless you with.  That’s what you said.

It was the tears that did it.  Along with your flattering, flittering, forked tongue.  I remember.  I remember the tears and you crying out about your lessons learned.  You said you would never betray me again.

But, you did.

Today, I remember you teacher because you taught me to never be so gullible again. Thank you teacher for taking advantage of my heart. Thank you for reminding me to never place all of my faith, in any earthly man.  Thank you for mocking me and my naiveté, as I would hang up the phone with you so you could then impart your wisdumb onto another. Thank you for your counterfeit love.

But what is life without love and heartbreak? Can one say they have truly lived if they have not experienced the two? Life is full of lessons and Love is one of the most difficult classes to take.

Yes you were my favorite teacher, and I am glad I failed your class.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Week Series Day 4

Thank you for reading.

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