Valentine’s Week Series

Kat’s Eye Viewers!!!!!  Where have you been this week?

For the Week of Valentine’s, I am posting stories about love all this week till Sunday, February 17.  Some of them are about me, some of them are about other’s experience with love, and some are stories completely created.  Either way they are ALL written The Way I See It.  Click below to read the 3 that have been posted so far.  Happy Love, Happy Heartbreak, & Happy Reading!!!  


Monday:  What Boyfriend? Part I

Tuesday:  What Boyfriend? Part II

Wednesday:  Me, You, & Hym

Thursday: You were my Favorite Teacher…     HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Friday:  The Beginning of Our Beginning

Saturday:  These Two Trees

Sunday:  My First Love


Photo: Saint Laurent Women’s Heart Cat Eye Sunglasses


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