Valentine’s Week Series Day 3: Me, You, & Hym

I love You…I never truly loved Hym, but it’s too late.

I love You.  I can say that now. There’s no one I would rather say those magical words to.  I admit it took me awhile to realize it, but I know it now.

The timing was bad.  You were single, but I was kind of involved with someone else. You and I became close; acquaintances to best friends.  I could tell You anything, except the whole truth about Hym.  He was someone in my life that made me confused about my feelings for you.  I was dedicated to Hym.  We had history.  We were supposed to be together, that was what we had planned; but the closer You and I got the more I was able to see possibilities with You. You were different from Hym and special.

Talking to You, I remember feeling so comfortable.  With You I could be myself.  I can be the Me that really is Me.  With Hym, I find myself hiding the Me that I am with You.  I’m able to trust You.  I can let my guards down with You. You proved to Me, that you liked Me as a person.  You laugh at my stupid jokes and smile at Me.  I never feel as though you are expecting anything more than pure friendship from Me.  Maybe You wanted more, but I never felt any pressure to change how we were together.

I messed up with Hym!  I did.  Honestly, this shouldn’t have ever happened.  But I am forever bound to Hym.

You’ve moved on now.                                                                           Our time together is over.

It took me too long to admit what was in my heart, and I must deal with that.  I am loving what has been brought into my life, but I can never let You out of my mind.  I will always think about what could have been from a Me & You.

I hope she knows what she has.  I hope she realizes what a blessing You are.  I hope she tells You she loves You as often as I want to.  I hope You will never forget about Me.

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Valentine’s Week Series Day 3

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Photo: The Carmen Jones love triangle, featuring Dorothy Dandridge (Carmen Jones) ,Joe Adams (Husky Miller) ,and Harry Belafonte (Joe)


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