Love is You!

Love is You! It’s Our Anniversary
We didn’t date in college. An innocent friendship and appreciation for each other blossomed during that time. God allowed a time of chaos to bring about his plan for us to eventually date and marry.

A New Year has come!  What are you thankful for?  I am thankful for family, framily (close friends that feel like family), and the many blessings that have happened in this year and in my life.

Above all, I am grateful for the man that I refer to as the Huz-Band.  December 29, made our marriage together to be 11 years.  We’ve been together for so much longer….  He has seen me in my most naive stage of life, which was in college.  I was such a spoiled, no not spoiled, I was a youth with high expectations (its all about word choice), and he still accepted me and became a friend.

We didn’t date in college, but we met in college.  Such an innocent friendship and appreciation for each other blossomed during that time.   God allowed a time of chaos to bring about his plan for us to eventually date and marry.

Fast forward, Thursday on my facebook post to announce our anniversary, I stated that he loves me flaws and all.  No like seriously.  He loves me when I am feeling my lowest.  He loves me and finds me beautiful despite my negative opinion of myself at the time.  He even helped me to improve some of those flaws that didn’t matter to him, but he knew it was important to me.  He just wants me to be happy.  I consider myself to be a very honest person, so when I look in the mirror and see calamity, for some reason he doesn’t.  I don’t understand it, and I do try to believe him.  Maybe it’s the love goggles he wears….  I am much bigger than I was when we met, but he still sees me as beautiful despite the weight gain.  I remember being told to watch my weight because my husband may not find me attractive since I don’t look the way I did when we married.  In the words of Maury Povich, “…and that was a lie”.  He still loves me, even more and never less.

Maury Povich

This man is everything I needed and all that I didn’t know I needed.  I thank God daily for him because it takes a specially anointed man, to deal with me.  I know I can be a challenge, but in spite of that he still uses his God given patience to be able to handle me with love and care.  No matter how much hormones may or may not be at play.  A few years ago, God allowed me to see where my life could have been if things hadn’t taken the turn they took in college.  I wouldn’t have discovered the interests that I have now, but I would have many beautiful children whether we were ready for them or not.  I would also be living my life for the dreams and goals of the guy I thought I wanted to marry.  God knew what he was doing when he ended that entire fiasco, and as the great Andrae Crouch wrote, “Oh, and I’m glad, I’m glad he did”.

There were many women that were interested in him, but he chose me.  It wasn’t because he was taking advantage of these women.  There’s just something about him that draws people and makes them feel comfortable with him, men and women too.  Men admire him and at the college we attended many female students saw these characteristics and were attracted to it.  I was one of the girls laughing at the “fe-males” (pronounced like tamales) that were steadily in his face because they wanted more than friendship.  Many women can think a guy being nice means they are interested in a romantic relationship.  Never would I have thought we would be together as anything more than just friends, but I have no regrets.

Many times I have felt like I was undeserving of him.  I felt like I was unworthy of being given this Wonderful Human Being as my Partner for Life, but I strive to treat this Angel on Earth as the Heavenly Creature that he is.  Thank you God, for allowing me the privilege to have this Gift.  I was chosen….  He’s a blessing to all that know him and come across his path.  He is the Best Man, Best Husband, Best Friend, and the Best Future Father for me and our household.  I love you Lloyd!  Love is You!



Anniversary 2018


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