Autumn Glory

I saw a Weir Wood tree.  It was one of the most beautiful trees I had seen in a long time.  I guess it wasn’t really a Weir Wood Tree, but as a fan of the show and series Game of Thrones, of course I would see a tree with red leaves as being a Weir Wood.  The tree that I saw was probably something like an Ash or possibly an Oak.  Okay fine, I don’t know what kind of tree it was.  Whatever the type, it was beautiful.  In the part of Texas I live, the autumn season colors range from light brown to dark brown.   We may see some yellows, but there’s no vibrancy to the colors. It’s like life is suddenly gone without warning.  Green one day brown the next.  The only seasons we get are early Spring, Spring, and Summer.  Which is equivalent to cool, hot, and hotter. The Autumn temperatures can go from 40 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday and by Saturday the temperature is back in the 80s, with “frozen” people  thawing out in their shorts and flip-flops.  It could go from 60 to 88 in a day, sooo….yeah.  Sweaters, scarves, boots, and coats are purchased for fashion and not out of necessity.

Growing up I lived in places where the Four Seasons actually existed.  Not just the hotel, but Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall.  There was excitement in seeing the the changing leaves of the trees and surrounding landscape.  Where I currently live, the land is flat and flatter, with wet and moist clinging to the air and any hard surfaces. That’s like, so totally boring.  I need to see some hills and tall evergreens to at least have the illusion that there are mountains beyond the horizon.

My huz-band and I recently drove to Atlanta,Georgia which allowed us to drive through Alabama and parts of Georgia.  Have you seen Alabama?  Have you seen Georgia?  Oh My Days!!! So beautiful!  The crisp fall weather with the crunch of leaves under my feet mingled with the scent of someone burning the brush in their backyard; brought with it a bit of nostalgia.

Alabama and Georgia’s rolling hills displayed the majesty of His Glory.  It was like God had taken a paintbrush, just for me, and colored the landscape.  I had been longing for REAL fall weather.  The Wonders of His hand showed the evidence of His attention to detail.  I continue to be in awe at the beauty of nature and how each state is different due to their geographical location. God is not only Good, but He is oh so creative!  How can anyone say the creation of this world just happened by coincidence?  How can anyone say this chaotic yet beautiful world was not thoughtfully made and orchestrated by The ONLY Higher Power?

God answered my prayer of experiencing Autumn this year and I actually saw Geese again!  I still don’t trust Geese, but I got to see them again!

Red & Yellow
Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA 2018

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Author: Kat's Eye View

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