Harry Potter & the Symphony

Last night was my second experience enjoying the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a Symphony.  What an enjoyable way to watch the movies with other fans.  These fans come dressed as different characters from the Harry Potter movies, as students at Harry’s school (Hogwarts), or they wear clothing that expresses their fandom.  My lil’ sissy and I enjoyed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with these fans, all while the orchestra played along. Together we cheered for the hero, booed when any injustice was being had, and cried when a favorite character had died fighting for their cause.  We all have seen these movies and have consumed the novels.  We attempt to patiently teach a muggle or new found “wizard” all about this wonderful wizarding world.

The orchestra only plays during the scenes where the music come in, and that alone seems to make the movies become even more magical.  The music was composed by John Williams.  I grew up with this man’s music; we all did.  He composed the memorable music of Indiana Jones, E.T., Superman, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, and so many other movies that helped frame my child hood.  After my first experience in December, I soon realized that this was the only way to enjoy these memorable movies.

There is more to the Harry Potter books than just wands and magic.  The messages of Friendship, Love, Bravery, Courage, Fairness, Loyalty, Family, and Compassion are taught…NOT how to become a Wizard.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies and are able to experience them with your cities’ symphony, do it!  You will not be disappointed.

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