Santa Isn’t the Only One Coming to Town

As the days of December seem to swiftly drift by, we’re getting closer to the Big Day!  Are you ready for all the day brings?  Not only is Santa Claus coming to town, but for many, so is family! This means mental preparedness at the ready.

These are people we love, but didn’t choose.  They can bring joy and pain, sunshine and rain.  They know how to push your buttons because they know you.  Mom is still fussing over you and reminding you that “she knows more than you so listen to her”. Dad continues to encourage you with, “You know how your momma is”.  Siblings don’t want to help out with anything because they are your siblings….  Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents talk about memories of past Christmases.  The same stories you have heard all your life, but they are still enjoyable and you do look forward to them.  This is the Christmas you have grown up having.  This is how Christmas and the Holiday Season have always been for you; but now you are a married couple.

You now have family that comes with “for better or for worse”.  You chose your spouse, but this means you also chose them…the in-laws!  You have grown to love them, but they are not what you’re used to.  They do things…differently.  You have grown to love them, but there are things about them you are continuing to get used to.  Hopefully they are making an attempt to get used to you and how you do things.

Now, for the Holidays, we have two moms trying to advise you on what you need to do to make that meal just right for the family, which means cooking or preparing food the way they do!  They are battling over their turf (their child in the coupledom).  They both know what’s best regarding everything, while the dads are just trying to stay out of it.  Everyone wants and believes their way is best, while you, the married couple or single adult, are doing your hardest to show that you are an adult and you have it.  Whatever “it” may be in this case.

The goal for this time of year is to survive.  It may feel like “Survival of the Fittest”, because it’s really the Long Night.  Unfortunately Winter has Come.  You just have to be ready and remember to breathe….


Merry Christmas to You & Yours!!!

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Featured Image from the movie Home Alone and Twentieth Century Fox

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