The Christmas List

The Christmas List. Pretty much everyone has had experience with creating one.  From the time you could write and read, you created a Christmas List to give Santa or to give your parents.  You wanted the powers that be to know what you wanted for Christmas.

Years ago, as a child, all I wanted for Christmas was my 2 front teeth and a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll.  I moved on to wanting a bike, the latest Nintendo game, or a Baby Alive.  I also wanted the newest microscope set for my many experiments and scientific analyzing of any and almost everything.  As a teenager, I grew into only wanting money for shopping, or shoes and clothes.  Now as an adult, I am at the point that creating a Christmas List is a dreaded ordeal.  It has become a challenge.  I can’t always think of anything to want.

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For some people in my family, I’m not allowed to not want them to buy me anything.  This is exhausting, because now I have to create something to want, just to appease them. I feel that a Christmas List should be for things that you want or things you feel that you just have to have.  Those things that, for the moment, you can’t seem to live without.  You don’t realize that you can actually live without it, but it’s a current desire that you are excited about.  I am now at the point in my life where I don’t desire anything that I can’t live without.  If I want it, I can go and get it.  Why wait till Christmas if I can get it when I want to? *Kanye Shrug*

Kanye West Shrugging GIF found on Google

Thinking about Christmas Lists is so bad, that I don’t even think about Christmas Lists from others until a week or two before Christmas.  I don’t desire gifts anymore and I don’t think about actual presents.  It’s not about presents for me anymore.

The present that I want to give is to make the Christmas Holiday memorable.  I want the Christmasy-ness of this time of year to spread to all those I am sharing the season with.  I want all to feel excited!  I want to make this time enjoyable for the friends and family I am with, especially if I am hosting it.  That’s the gift that’s on my mind, (but I do give actual gifts).

I want to sing my favorite Christmas Songs, play games, have snack attack, watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas, The Christmas Story, Home Alone (only the first one), The Grinch…, watch Hallmark, look at Christmas Lights, and drink hot cocoa!  It all seems more fun if everyone participates in this.  That’s it!  I’ve got it! On my Christmas List, that’s what I want…For all those spending Christmas with me this year, to experience a Katherine kind of Christmas!!  

Don’t allow the pressures of Holiday Shopping leave a damper on your spirit this Christmas Season.

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