It WAS beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Waking up this morning, I immediately looked out the window. “Wow, I thought. It really did snow”! I can’t lie, I was excited! The little girl in me began to emerge so I quickly got out of bed to go out into the snow.

My 2 pups had never seen snow, and were baffled at this “stuff” covering the grass. By now you could see the grass underneath, but there was still snow. I was hoping they would play in it, but they were confused.

puppies in snow 2017

There wasn’t much snow left to create a snowman, but I could make a few snowballs. I chose not to because I wanted the snow to last. Roofs all around were covered in snow. By now there is little evidence, but it came, we saw, and we screamed in delight, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!!!!”

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Photos courtesy of Me and the Huz-Band!!


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