Pizza+Chocolate Shake=A Bad Night for Wife

We all have things we need to stay clear of.  You know, the temptations of life that we all must work hard to resist, by whatever healthy means we must take to achieve this.  Resisting temptation is the goal.  I for one, try my best to resist the outdoors even though I love nature!  This is an impossible case, so in order for me to survive through the torment of seasonal allergies I strive to take Zyrtec every day.  By doing so, this medicine is in my system so that allergy attacks can be stopped or not as serious…right mom?   She would be so proud!

As I sit typing this, I see the one that I love dearly is now giving in to his temptation without a second thought.  I have learned in these last 10 years of my life, that being Lactose Intolerant is very real and can seriously affect all those in close proximity.  If someone has this allergy, they either deal with it by taking Lactose pills, or staying away from all things that have Lactose in it.  In other words, leave the dairy alone.  I don’t have this allergy, thank God, but many that are close to me suffer with this “debilatating disease”.  For me, Cheese is a favorite food of mine and drinking a glass of milk or a bowl of ice cream is a treat! If I have ranch or bleu cheese with my salad or hot wings, it’s no big deal.  For the one I love, this is not the case.  Depending on the form of dairy depends on the magnitude of, let’s just say, the “reaction”.

The Reaction

As he enjoys his meal of a cheese pizza with a chocolate shake, I am now preparing to endure the shock and awe of what is to come. So many thoughts will come to my mind, I know that he loves me, but I am beginning to have my doubts because his actions are smelling louder than his words!

“Dear God, please protect me from what is to come.  I speak a hedge of protection over my huz-band because soon I will want to bring him harm in retaliation of future events, but I am asking you to hold my mule. I proclaim that no weapon formed against my nose shall prosper.  Amen”.

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