Moving for Love

Moving to an new city, can be a daunting experience.  The presence of Alone, is all around You.  Trying to learn this new place…trying to learn a new culture is, scary.  Even if you have moved because of Love.  As Deborah Cox said, “Love can make you do some crazy things”, but You thought it was just a song.  You didn’t realize how much you would be missing.

You are leaving what is familiar to you, to begin a new journey with the one you Love.  You are starting over, but still expected to blend in.  Families don’t often times try to understand how You, the new member, feels.  They continue on as if nothing is new and You are expected to just go with the flow.  To adapt to how things have always been, without a second thought of how You feel about it.  Yes, it is unfair.  It is unfair to not be considered in plans.  It is unfair to be remembered in plannings as an afterthought.  It is unfair when the times You attempt to bring the family into things you’re interested in, there is no submission.

You must always give, but there is no give and take.  You are the one giving and the one missing.  You miss your home, your city.  You miss your family and friends.  You miss out on watching your younger siblings and/or cousins grow up.  You continue to miss out on the life of your blood.  Not being able to be there with your parents as they grow older.  Not being able to assist them with their aches and pains of growing older, but being able to be there for your Love’s.

Time goes on, and You keep the bitterness of it all inside.  To keep the peace, your anger and screams remain bottled up. Your true frustrations continue to boil within as you quietly cry over not feeling appreciated.  Silently crying over feeling like your sacrifice of moving for Love, has never been acknowledged by your new family. You begin to  desire to leave and never return.  To go somewhere neutral so that Love’s side can understand what it is like to be missing.  Besides, You never gave your heart to this new place, now matter how much time has passed.  Without a second look back, You just moved for Love.

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Featured Image from GR0WING.COM, post Moving Made Easy by Jane Brown.


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