The Honesty of Words

Words are important.  They are powerful enough to bring a novel to life and resonate good vibes to your soul through music.  There is an honesty with words that can bring joy and pain.  This honesty can praise and they can damn.  Growing up you may have heard the saying “Think before you speak”, “Watch what you say”, or “If you can’t say nothing nice, then don’t say nothing at all”.  Some people, like myself, often say what we think or feel, but it doesn’t always come out the way we practiced saying it in our heads.  The words don’t come out sounding the way we intended them to sound.  Those like us have been told that we don’t have tact.

I struggled with the honesty of words in college.  People thought I was seeking attention or being tactless without care.  It was actually because I was nervous and could not figure out how to say what I needed to say, so I would just let it out.  This honesty caused offense and brought about the awkward silence that let me know, “Dang it!  I did it again”.

Due to the continuous offending of others, I tend (believe it or not) to not say anything because of looking out for the feelings of others.  I’m not trying to offend, so I’ll just keep silent because I can’t figure out how to say “it” with hurting someone’s feelings.  This isn’t the best self-saving method, so I am working on this.  I do realize that every feeling or thought doesn’t need to be said, but I also cannot continue living in fear of offending others when others continue to offend me seemingly without a care.  Remaining silent and allowing others to offend me because I am looking out for their sensitivity, is not healthy for me. It may seem that I have a hard-shell, but like a blue M&M there is softness inside.

I intend on trying Michael Jackson’s method of adding “with love” on the end of my statement, hoping that whomever I am talking to knows my heart. Hopefully this helps, because I refuse to wait until I become a grandmother to speak my mind, and I don’t want your offense to become an issue for me…especially when I’m speaking up for myself and my feelings.

I want to use the honesty of words to build others up when they have been knocked down.  I want to use the honesty of  words to speak life over myself and the lives of others.  I want to use the honesty of words to speak truth as well as my own truth.  


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Author: Kat's Eye View

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2 thoughts on “The Honesty of Words”

  1. I see from both sides because I now (sometimes 🤔🤔🤔maybe too much now) speaks how I feel w/o thinking about it and I use to be the person on the other end who took the talk from others who spoke before thinking or caring for others feelings(my very SENSITIVE side/didn’t want to hear the truth sometimes). I became so blessed that I have a CHILD who speaks how he feel before he think/others feelings🤔🤔🤔🤔. What I can say is that “I am very THANKFUL for the FRIEND who broke it down to me in just a small conversation about the difference between a Outspoken Person/Knowing that Person whom you are talking to.

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    1. If you are speaking up for yourself, oh well to those that are offended. They will have to get over it. People just need to work on saying all they have to say with love, and if they are still offended, it’s their problem not yours. Teach that to your child too. True friends tell the truth.


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