The Angry Facebook Friend

Dear Angry Facebook Friend,

As I read your comment or status, I can hear the yelling and see the eye rolls from behind your computer/phone screen.

Facebook should not be the place where you tell everybody your business.  It’s also not the place where you should share all of your opinions.  No where on social media should be a place for that.  Yes, there are those that bring up conversations to start fires, and there are some that feel they have to comment on every status someone adds to FB.  Just because you are allowed to air your thoughts, doesn’t mean that you need to…some people sound so bitter and mean and judgmental.  If you don’t understand why people do what they do, what is the point of disrespecting them?  Just because you disagree, doesn’t give you the right to insult even if you are just saying.  Conversation is different than debate.  Some use Facebook as a platform to debate with all that have a different way of thinking or seeing the world.

Dear Angry Facebook Friends,

As I read your comment or status, I can hear the yelling and see the eye rolls from behind your computer/phone screen.  Stop trying to win every “battle” and shut-up! Be quiet and try to see things from another’s perspective.  You just may learn something because you don’t know everything.  Give another voice a try.  I don’t know what has happened in your life for you to sound so angry at those that disagree with you.  They are not trying to attack you, but just like you, they want to be heard.  They want their opinion to have the chance to be analyzed by others…not just you.  Stop waiting to pounce on the person that agrees with their stance and not yours.  Stop taking your frustrations out on all of us and learn to deal with the real issue.  The real issue is that you have been hurt and you are angry.  Maybe those that oppose you remind you of others that once had a hold on your voice and kept you from speaking out.  Please stop taking your past out on all of us.  We just want to be able to voice our opinion, like you, without being attacked all because we think differently than you.  You don’t always have to share your insight.  You don’t always have to be included in the conversation.  Just scroll up or down and move past that Facebook post.


Your Facebook Friend


Author: Kat's Eye View

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3 thoughts on “The Angry Facebook Friend”

    1. Yes. Sad, but true. Too many people believe they can and should share all of their drama on FB. It does make for good entertainment though. Especially knowing how they will regret it later. LOL!!!


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