Autumn & Pumpkins

Fall is here and everywhere I go, I see pumpkin stuff.  Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin flavored cereals, and pumpkin vanilla candles.  Pumpkins, Pumpkins, everywhere! I, for one, am not a pumpkin person.  Sweet potatoes??? Yes!!!  It’s a cultural thing.  I have  decorated my yard and the inside of my home with pumpkins because of the harvest and the autumn season, but I don’t care to eat pumpkins nor do I get excited at the pumpkin flavored food and drinks crowding the store shelves and coffee shops.

I too like the colors of the fall or autumn, as I prefer to say, so I do enjoy seeing the pumpkins.  The oranges, yellows, greens, browns, and deep reds.  The coppers, bronze, and gold make me smile.  I enjoy the smells of the fall… warm vanillas, caramels, apple cinnamon, and Glade’s Cozy Autumn Cuddle (this fragrance is my favorite right now, yes gawd!!!).  This is also my mother’s favorite time of year, so it reminds me of her.  She lives in Chicago, so she actually is able to see the seasons changing. *Her home is also surrounded by trees whose leaves change to the beautiful red and oranges as mentioned above.*

With autumn also comes the cooler weather.  Unfortunately, the desire I have for sweaters, scarves, and boots is annually unfulfilled.  It is still in the 80s where I live.  This is cooler, but nothing I would deem appropriate to celebrate the fall with. #sideeyetotexas Last year we probably got maybe a few days of cooler weather, but it only reached the 60s.  Long sleeve shirts are a joke.  If they are button up, they can be worn as a jacket possibly.  Hopefully this year it will get cooler.  The fact that the temperature is in the high 80s now gives me some hope.  Leaves are actually beginning to become yellow, so yay!!!!

I am enjoying this time of year, especially in my new home!  My television is set for Hallmark’s Harvest shows, the smells of Cozy Autumn Cuddle is in the air, and my mind is ready to harvest the blessings God has for me, my household, friends, and my entire family!

Bring on the Pumpkins, Bring on the colors, Bring on the Harvest!!


Author: Kat's Eye View

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3 thoughts on “Autumn & Pumpkins”

  1. Nicely Expressed!!!This season is the start of the JOYS of the Holidays for me. I embrace the falling of the leaves as the changing of the colors.

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    1. Where I live, I can only reminisce on the times I was in a different state or country where there were actual seasons, and not just hot and hotter🙂. I’m still waiting for those leaves to fall and toes to be hidden! Lol!! Glad you enjoyed the read!


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