Dear Diary,

Today is finally Wednesday and I am soooooooo tired.


I have been out of school for about 2 weeks due to Hurricane Harvey, but my goodness!  Trying to get back in the swing of teaching is exhausting.  I also work about 45 minutes from my home, so that with trying to be a focused driver in traffic can take a lot out of you.  Dealing with people all day takes a toll.  These situations are mostly mentally draining, but I think that’s the worst type of tiredness.  This causes me to not want to do anything physically.  Lord knows I need to push through that because I needs to get a work out regime going…ASAP!   I can’t give my all to everyone else, but not to myself.  A lot of the time, it feels that in the field of education, the only place a teacher is allowed to have time is in the classroom.  I am unsure if others feel this way about their jobs, but I know that most times I feel like I don’t have time for me or anything outside of school.  Leaving work is always the goal of the day.  If I can just make it through the day, then I know I can make it through the rest of the week.

My favorite day of the week is Thursday, because it is almost Friday.  Wednesdays are encouraging because I can see the light at the end of the road!  Only God helps me make it! Daily, I must encourage myself in Him and like a great father, he does.  This morning was tough.  My being physically tired at the moment caused me to almost give in to my emotions.  Waking up when it feels like you just closed your eyes, is not the bees knees.  Rising and leaving and driving before the sun and birds are up, is burning me out already!  I have always hated waking up early, but it is a necessary sacrifice.  I need to make working out a necessary sacrifice too!  God help me to find the time to squeeze it in.  I can’t do all that you have put in me to do, without the energy.  Help me to find the time.  I know my weight can possibly be adding to feeling drained so much because I’m tired of being tired.  Once I get my routine going, that should help too; but God, also help me to learn to put myself first so that I have the energy to prepare myself for what you have placed in me.



Author: Kat's Eye View

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