A Donut, A Spider, and Me

So before we had time to catch the spider to determine if it was poisonous, my Knight in Shining Armor vanquished the evil creature by vigorously smiting him until nothing about him could be made out.  It was most honorable! 

A lot has happened this past week. It was the first week of school, a Lunar Eclipse happened that Monday, and then my family and I evacuated from a horrendous Hurricane named Harvey that Thursday.  To keep my mind off the latter and all that it brought, I have been thinking about a recent event that happened all while wanting to enjoy a donut in Maryland.

This summer I got bit by a spider.  It was a warm July day in Maryland.  Evening was quickly approaching and my husband Lloyd, our friends Billy and Joy, and myself had just come from the wedding rehearsal of our good buddies Kenneth and Shannon.  We had decided to stop at a Duncan Donuts for a quick snack before we would all have dinner later that night.  The area we were in was beautiful.  The sun was beginning to go down and the trees slowly swayed in the light breeze while the Marylanders complained about the cool 85 degree weather.  All of us being from Texas, were enjoying this break from the scorching heat of 97 or higher degrees (with or without humidity) that we were normally subjected to.  We thought it felt great!  So much so, that we decided to enjoy our donuts at the tables that were outside of the establishment.  This was probably around 7 something in the p.m., so I should have used more caution before deciding to have a donut.

This particular day I decided to have an apple fritter.  I mean, why not?  They’re good right????? Yes they are.  So as soon as I received mine, naturally I bit into it.  That wasn’t the best choice.  I mean, I shouldn’t have chosen to do this so hastily.   The freakin’ donut was hard, which I can only assume was from being out all day!  This caused me to break my wire.  I wear braces you see.  Thank you DD for not changing out your donuts throughout the day.  Quickly I began to panic.  I was trying to run down the list of why this was a problem.  Thank goodness it wasn’t poking me in the jaw, but I knew it would be difficult to eat, and possibly sing.  I had been asked to sing in the wedding and didn’t want to mess Kenny and Shannon’s wedding day up by not being at my best.  Kenny has heard me sing, but Shannon hasn’t.  She was trusting the word of her future husband.  Would this incident affect my singing?  I was already nervous!  So at this point, I was a tad a lot-a-bit irritable.  With an attitude, I threw the donut away.  If I was thinking clearly, I wouldn’t have paid for it.

As we sat outside so Lloyd, Billy, and Joy could enjoy their donuts and coffee, my bad mood began to leave.  The conversations were going well and we were all excited about our close friend Kenny getting married.  We were all eager to see this day come to pass.  While sitting, I had been telling Joy how I always feel like something is stinging or biting me, but it’s always nothing.   And then it happened.  I felt a hard sting.  I pulled my arm off the table and saw a tan-ish spider, that was as big as my pinky finger nail, in a tight ball under the spot where my arm was laying.  We were sitting at one of those tables that is made to look netted, so there are holes in it.


I looked at where I was feeling a burning and announced, “I think I’ve been bitten by a spider”.  No one moved because my company was now on their phones.  I said it a little louder, and finally I got a response. *See here is my problem.  It seems that the only time anyone hears me the 1st time I speak, is when what I’ve said has been interpreted as rude…this is truly annoying!!!!*

So before we had time to catch the spider to determine if it was poisonous, my Knight in Shining Armor vanquished the evil creature by vigorously smiting him until nothing about him could be made out.  It was most honorable!  He then rushed to get me ice so that I could immediately place it upon my burning and possibly poisoned arm.  We quickly located an urgent care and I was seen and prescribed antibiotics.  Some tears were shed, due to online searching of what we remembered the spider to look like, which popped up as possibly being a type of Brown Recluse.

While at the urgent care the area on my arm where I was bitten, appeared to have dented in.  This caused some more internal panic, self-encouragement, and quiet tears.  I had been bitten on my right arm, my dominate arm.  The arm I hold the microphone with to sing!  I had already been thinking about a friend from college that had been bitten by a Brown Recluse and how her arm looked after the bite…frightful!

A close up of the dented bite area

We weren’t able to have that dinner, but the next day I sang in the wedding with my broken wire not being an issue and it appears I wasn’t poisoned.  I can still see the 2 bite marks, but sadly no super powers…yet. 🙂



Author: Kat's Eye View

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